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Make Studies Or Learning Interesting For Children


We can make studies interesting for our young ones by doing few simple things, as discussed below:

USE REALISTIC EXAMPLES. We should try to use more and more realistic examples, to which the child can connect with, at the time of introducing and explaining concepts. Make use of related objects and toys, like showing the child real fruits, vegetables, animals, plants, colorful blocks of different shapes, puzzles, etc.

BRING BOOKS WITH BRIGHT COLORFUL PICTURES. Bring stationeries and books that the child will love to see, hold & play.

GIVE SPACE. Try to give your child a little space and independence, so that he will be able to observe, explore and learn things at its own.

USE MULTI-SENSORY APPROACH. Children enjoy leaning and understand better when they are able see, hear, and do things at a time. Taking help of music & audio-visual aids to explain concepts is also considered as an effective step towards better learning.

KEEP THE CHILD UNDER SUPERVISION but avoid being too meticulous & instructive. Give your guidance in order to avoid accidents but avoid giving instructions all the time.

ADOPT A COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH. Try and help the child to relate his books to his day-to-day life. Visit places and keep discussing about different things that you come across.

ENCOURAGE THE CHILD TO ASK QUESTIONS. No matter how many questions your child asks, we should always try to give replies and explain him/her things with full attention, patience and enthusiasm.

GET INVOLVED WITH THE CHILD. We should try to make ourselves involved in the learning process, with our child rather than just giving advices on how to complete the task or pointing out mistakes. We should try to make our child feel that learning is also as enjoyable as playing by participating with them with our full energy and enthusiasm.

ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY. We should encourage our child to give words to his own thoughts and become creative & expressive, rather than helping the child in learning things exactly as they are.

USE SIMPLE LANGUAGE. Always try to use simple language to explain concepts so that the child is able to understand and remember them for lifetime.

KEEP FAITH & SHOW CONFIDENCE. Always keep faith on your child's ability and make the child feel that he/she is capable of doing everything and mistakes can be gradually overcome with practice. Sometimes parents' positive expectations also help the child to move a step ahead of his real abilities.

AVOID GETTING FRUSTRATED & ANGRY. At the time of teaching children we should not allow our stress, frustration and anger to interfere with the learning process as it will negatively affect the rapport between us and our child and the child will not be able to receive the knowledge properly; in fact this can induce fear & anxiety and the child may associate fear with learning sessions and as a result will develop disinterest towards studies.

HAVE PATIENCE. Usually children are not able to understand, think or reason out the way we do. They take their own time and have their own ways, so we need to be patient enough at the time of explaining concepts to them.

GIVE REWARDS. Do not forget to reward your child for learning something new or accomplishing a new task. The reward can be a hug, a kiss, few words of praise, or any favorite article or activity of child. No matter how small or simple, a reward is always encouraging & makes work interesting.

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