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My Child Has No Interest In Studies

not interested in studies You are quite worried that your child shows no interest whatsoever towards studies. His performance in the tests and exams is declining rapidly. Engaging private tuitions has only helped marginally, that too temporarily. Any amount of explaining to your child about the importance of studying well and getting good marks seems to be falling on deaf ears. You have no clue as to how to fix this problem.

What can we do?

At our Day Care Centre, we address the issue by adopting any or all of the following strategies.

1) Motivation is the key, as in everything else in life and with everyone. Making your child want to study with a deep desire, will ensure that your child turns his/her attention towards studies enthusiastically. Providing this kind of motivation externally, rests largely with the teachers. Children tend to like more, those subjects taught by teachers they like!

Professionally trained staff in our Day Care Centre take care of this aspect adequately, by approaching the children with patience and understanding. Our staff handle the children’s studies cheerfully, devoting sufficient time and attention to make various subjects fun and interesting. Special efforts are also made to find out individual preferences for subjects so that a foundation is built around them to boost their enthusiasm in other subjects as well.

2) Relating what the children study to what they value with interest will help them see the connection. This will make them work harder willingly. For example, prior to the upcoming fun trip to the local zoo, teaching the children about the behavior of wild animals which they will get to see during the trip, will make them pay attention with deep interest.

3) When children move to higher classes, teachers in our Day Care Centre show the connection between what they now study with what they intend to pursue later on in professional college/institute. They make the children realize how a strong foundation in what they study now is going to help in the latter. This will ensure that the children pay adequate attention and are willing to put in extra effort.

4) Encouraging the child to apply what is learnt to real life situations will motivate the child to learn with more interest. For example, the child may be asked to use the knowledge gained in the history class, during a family vacation to a place of historical interest like Kurukshetra, Golden Temple at Amristar, Qutab Minar near Delhi etc., The child will get to see in person what is learnt in the class and may even lead the family members in educating them too.

5) Encouraging the child to identify his/her goals and interests and understand the capabilities and assuring the child that he/she can freely pursue those will go a long way in motivating the child towards studies. As a parent, you have a big role to play here. You must understand that you should not impose your likes and dislikes on the child while choosing the subjects of study later on. Your child will shine in any field that his/her heart chooses to pursue.

6) You also have a big role to play in motivating your young child towards studies in general. Never pester, criticize or reprimand your child on account of studies. Never compare. Don’t have high expectations and let your child know it too, although you may push him/her towards excelling. You must ensure that whatever the child does, does so with happiness from within. It applies to studies as well. Your success lies in making the child feel like studying, not for pleasing you or getting the approval, acceptance or appreciation from anyone else. Subtly, lovingly and patiently, make your child realize that studying is important.

7) Strictly following a regular study schedule and having a quiet corner for studying without distractions will slowly but surely help in developing the habit of studying.
So long as your unconditional love and support is there for your child, he/she can be moulded to develop and sustain interest in studies eventually, even if it doesn’t appear to happen right now.

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