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Make Your Child A Good Student

Academics “My child is not like what a good student should be. He/she is more interested in playing and wasting time in the computer games and TV, than in studying. He/she doesn’t care to do home work, in spite of my angry shouts. He/she doesn’t take class tests seriously. He/she doesn’t get good marks and doesn’t seem to understand the importance of studies in spite of my constant efforts to explain. I know he/she is quite capable of being a good student and can do very well. I don’t know what to do”

If this is what goes on and on in your mind about your child, you are not alone. Many parents, especially young mothers who are working, are experiencing this nagging worry about their children and seem to have no clue to correct the situation. Here are a few tips to help you.

1) The first ten years of a child’s life are crucial for forming healthy, cheerful and happy attitudes through the bonding of loving relationships in the family. It is also the most important phase of a child’s life where good study habits are established and a disciplined and controlled way of life is learned for lifelong empowerment to achieve goals and enjoy successes. It is therefore, that time of your child’s life when you need to invest time and energy to be with the child and handhold and help in his/her studies.

As a working mother, you should attempt to set aside a regular time for serious study with your child every day for about an hour or so. The rest of the time you get to spend with your child at home may be spent on having fun and exchanging loving interactions.
What about that part of the day when you are not at home and the child is left to fend for him/her self?

We, at our daycare centre, fill the gap as the next best alternative to the home environment. With a loving, caring and a professional approach, we endeavour to shape and build a well rounded personality in your child and lay the foundation for his/her success throughout life. With well trained and experienced staff and a child centric approach that is fine tuned to individual student’s specific needs, we take care of grooming the child into a good student with appropriate study habits and healthy attitudes.

2) A better student is not necessarily one with a higher IQ level. What is more important is an ability to plan, know the tasks in the order of importance, switch tasks when necessary and adopt the right strategies that work, to meet the academic demands. At our daycare centre, we endeavour to develop these skills in your child so that he/she is independently able to manage and start focusing attention on the important tasks and channelize their bubbling energy towards them. At home, you should aim to fortify these skills in your child.

3) Remember, shouting, reprimanding, expressing dissatisfaction or disappointment is not the right way to go. Instead, be loving, patient, consistently encouraging but firm in a fixed study hour to be meticulously followed. Your child will begin to gradually form healthy habits and start living up to his/her potential.

4) Comparisons with anyone don’t serve the purpose to build confidence in your child. So, always avoid it.

5) Similarly, competition with others will only serve to impose fear of failure and associated anxieties and self doubts. Therefore, let your child know early on in life that he/she only competes with him/herself to do better and better. He/she has no control over what others do; he/she has the power to focus on what he/she does and that must be encouraged.

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