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Common Childhood Problems

Common Childhood Problems There are few behavior problems that almost every child exhibits at some point of time. Much of these few problems are resolved with age, but a few must be addressed before they get cemented. Some of these are listed below and discussed in details:

1. Lying - Sometimes children narrate stories to get attention, or to avoid getting into trouble. If lies aren’t intercepted and confronted appropriately, this can turn into a real ugly habit in your child.

2. Defiance – when child refuses to follow your instructions or just say ‘no’ bluntly; It’s frustrating. Defiance beyond a limit should not be treated as normal reaction of child out of affection.

3. TV and Electronics Addiction – Most of the children in prefers to sit in front of the TV, Video Games, Mobile or Computer all day if they could. Few parent let them do it; often known as secondary parenting.

4. Food-Related Problems – Over eating, under eating, fussy eaters are a few to name. Apart from physical problems like obesity, underweight, malnourishment, and other ailments children shows behavioural problems as well.

5. Disrespectful Behavior – Disrespect in any manner can be frustrating. When not addressed properly it is converted in personality. Parent must discourage ‘talking back’, ‘inappropriate language’, ‘negative attitude’ with firm deterrents.

6. Whining – It create a negative image of child; and people tries to avoid such children. Social acceptability of such kids doesn’t go well.

7. Impulsive Behavior – Such kids hits, bites, push, and are prone to sustain injuries while playing or even sitting some times. They act without thinking and often get into trouble with injuries, studies and relationships.

8. Bedtime Behavior Problems – Some kids give a tough time while going into bed, waking up, sustaining sound sleep. Generally such problems are solved with time, and didn’t cost much of your sleep.

9. Aggression - Aggression exhibits either by throwing, breaking, hitting, pushing, abusing, or simply showing resentment over minor issues or disagreements. Generally dominance trait is hereditary and with proper counselling can mellow down child.

10. TantrumsTantrums are okay in toddlers and preschoolers but must be dealt with caution. This is technique children use to negotiate their demands, and must be confronted with maturity without falling down to their demands.

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