Daycare in Dwarka

Have You Enrolled Your Kid In The Right Day Care Centre.

360 kids daycare Day care centres are a boon to young couples, both of whom have to go out for work and they have no one at home to take care of their little kid. These centres have become an integral part of child rearing in these modern times of nuclear families, economic compulsions, professional ambitions & constraints.

At a time when they need the care, warmth, love and security of their parents and the ambience of home that provides the foundation for their lifelong character and temperament, kids have to be with the next best alternative. With such a high degree of importance and significance attached to the day care centre, can you afford to be careless in choosing one for your kid? Can you take things for granted? How can you pick on the day care centre most appropriate and safe for your kid? What should you look for in the day care centre? Let us explore a bit.


You have made necessary enquiries with the right people and considered several aspects of convenience and budgets to zero in on a day care centre. Walk into that centre when children are around. Closely tune in to your gut feel. Ask yourself:

1) Is it the right place where your kid spends some part of the day in your absence?
2) Are the kids active, happily enjoying themselves?
3) Can you observe scope for age appropriate activities for your kid to enjoy and learn?
4) Are there enough staff and supervisors?
5) Are the staff genuinely kind and loving?
6) Are the kids comfortable with the staff?
7) Are the staff neatly and cleanly dressed?
8) Do the staff appear to be soft and well behaved?
9) Can you notice safety infrastructure like secured and manned gates, fire extinguishers, covered electrical points, protected fixtures & structures?
10) Are there adequate kid friendly & hygienic wash rooms?
11) Is there a nursing facility for taking care of injured and ill children?
12) Is there adequate open space for fresh air?

If the answer is yes to all these and many more questions you may have, go right ahead and enroll your kid. Accept the reality of the day care centre. Once you have made the right choice, be confident that your kid is in safe hands and has made the right beginning. Be in constant touch with the centre head and other staff. Watch out for any odd behavior of your kid after he has started attending the centre.

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