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360 Kids Day Care Counselling Corner

Rekha Jyoti Ms. Rekha Jyoti is Behavioral Coach for Kids in our Day Care Centre.

Ms. Jyoti Singh, Postgraduate in Clinical & Counseling Psychology from Utkal University Bhuvneshwar, Odisha, India. Completed Graduation from Ravenshaw Autonomous College, Cuttack and schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Baripada, Odisha, India.

Jyoti was born and brought up in a traditional joint family, under a very protective and cozy environment. She was shy and reserved but very enthusiastic and ambitious; always eager to learn something new and do something different. In fact her dreams had great hand in changing her personality gradually post marriage and child.

As a student, she was her teacher’s pet, not only in school but also during collage years. She was also popular among students as she used to participate in different cultural and educational activities. In her childhood, she loved playing with colors and paint brushes than with toys and people who know her also say that she used to talk less and dance more. She had a world of her own. A part from books she took lot of interest in painting and dancing.

For her friends, Jyoti was the one with whom they can confide with and share their feeling without any hesitation. She was a great support during the tough times and was also the one with whom friend loved to laugh, enjoy and celebrate their happiness.

Jyoti loved interacting with people and making friends. People and their lives have always attracted her. She believed in empathizing with people than only sympathizing with them. She had great concern for people in distress and wanted to work for the disabled. She believed that people should live a healthy and happy life first in order to have a successful life later on.

She always welcomed challenges in life as she said every challenge brings with it a new ray of hope and something new to learn and makes us conquer our weak points. She believed that we should perceive challenges as stepping stones than the stumbling ones. According to her, one may feel helpless but should never be hopeless as its only hope that can bring happiness and success. She has always guided her friends in their lives, very supportive and encouraging person who believes in making life interesting and beautiful.

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