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Buddy Parenting

Buddy Parenting When you give in to your kid’s demands, whatever, whenever, when you know that it is not the right thing to do, you are adopting Buddy or Friendly Parenting.

Why you are a Buddy Parent?

You may tend to do this out of a feeling of helplessness, to avoid embarrassments and to foster a sense of kindliness and friendliness with the kid. It may also be to solve a problem on hand, even if temporarily. After all, which parent doesn’t want to be his/her best friend?

A Buddy Parent’s effects on the kid:

However, we fail to see that by giving in, we are not allowing the kids to become responsible, reasonable, compassionate and resilient. The child, with his/her level of maturity, will always look for instant gratification instead of seeing reason. Should we give in to that? Besides, don’t forget that by giving in too easily, we let the kid become an ill behaved, spoilt brat. The moment we try to be nice and friendly, we are no longer parents; we are friends. But, at this juncture, what the kid needs is an aware parent rather than a friendly buff around.

So, what do you do?

1. Good parenting means being firm with clearly drawn limits and saying ‘no’ when they are exceeded.

2. You need to take control and set the rules. Never cross the line between being a good parent and being a friend. It
will be also nice if you can try & explain your stand lovingly, later on.

3. You need not worry; your true friendship with your kid will always be there and your kid will eventually realize that.

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