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Common Parenting Types

Parenting Types To understand your parenting type, let us go through a brief write up on four basic parenting styles and their impact on child’s personality development that has been discovered on the basis of studies done by eminent developmental psychologists.

AUTHORITARIAN PARENTING & ITS EFFECTS – Such parents exercise higher degree of control but show less responsiveness towards their children and are highly demanding. They form strict rules which they expect to be followed unconditionally by their children. They believe that children should be kept under constant adult/parental supervision or they might get spoilt. According to studies, children of authoritarian parents tend to perform moderately in school and may be found less or uninvolved in problem behavior but they have poorer social skills, lower self-esteem and high levels of depression.

AUTHORITATIVE PARENTING & ITS EFFECTS – In this style parents not only exercise higher degree of control but also show higher degree of responsiveness towards children. They are also highly demanding & have high expectation and construct rules to be followed by children but give proper explanation behind the rules to be followed. They believe in becoming the role models for their children and are very encouraging and supportive instead of just being unreasonably criticizing and meticulous. As per research, children of such parents are found to be comparatively happy and successful in different sphere of life. These children are found to be good in academics as well as in social skills and rarely have any chance of showing problem behavior later on in life.

PERMISSIVE PARENTING & ITS IMPACTS – For these parents’ children are their world. They believe in being friends with their children than being just fathers or mothers. They are very lenient and show higher degree of responsiveness and no control at all. They allow considerable self-regulation and avoid confrontation with children. As per research & studies done on this parenting style, children of such parents are more likely to be involved in problem behavior, perform poorly in school and have problem with authority but yet they have higher self-esteem, better social skills and lower levels of depression.

UNINVOLVED PARENTING & ITS IMPACTS – As per studies, it is characterized by very few demands, low control & low responsiveness between parents and children. These parents are detached from their children and in extreme cases may even neglect or reject their child’s need. Children of these parents have been found to underperform in all spheres of life. These children tend to lack self-control, have low self-esteem, are comparatively less competent and are more likely to show problem behavior.

Parenting styles has been found to predict child’s well-being in the domain of social competence, academic performance, emotional &social development, and problem behavior. So, being good parents involves understanding our child’s need, being flexible, friendly, supportive & encouraging than just being demanding or remaining uninvolved. We at our daycare adapt authoritative parenting style.

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