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Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter Parenting You want to raise an extremely successful, super kid.
You want your kid to have a well rounded, self confident personality.
You want to help your kid to face this wide, wild world and succeed.
Do you know you have a parenting style and that it may come in the way of achieving the above?


Parenting is an enjoyable art. But it has become a difficult task with enormous challenges nowadays. Consciously or otherwise, we tend to follow certain ways of parenting. Some give them names such as helicopter parenting, incubator parenting, paranoid parenting, hyper parenting etc. These styles of parenting actually prevent us from delivering our job of good parenting. In this article and in the ones that follow, we will look at those disturbing parenting styles and explore options to mend our ways.


Its helicopter parenting if we are constantly and watchfully hovering over the kids. We will jump to pitch in at the slightest hurdle and smoothen things so that the kids effortlessly glide through it. In this style, we tend to try and solve each and every problem for the kid, small or big, so that nothing can come in his/her way of success.
You can well imagine how it can backfire.

Kids will become totally dependent for anything and everything right through adulthood. They will be ill equipped to face any of the tough challenges life is sure to throw at them. This type of micromanaging the kid’s affairs leaves him/her with no scope to learn and develop important life skills such as self confidence, self reliance, decision making abilities, analytical and out of the box thinking to solve every day problems.


How to ditch this helicopter and still manage to help your kid succeed?
You empower your kid by getting involved without getting excessively intrusive.
Encourage your kid to open up with you and show the kid various options to solve their problems and their possible repercussions.

Let your kid know that ultimately, it is the kid’s own decision and he/she must boldly face the consequences. Gradually, the kid will start developing competencies to cope without you.

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