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Incubator Parenting

Incubator Parenting You are an incubator parent if you are in too much of a hurry for the kid to learn things, much earlier than appropriate for the kid’s level of cognitive development. We want our kids to be super kids, knowing many things and learning many skills at a much younger age, in this fast paced world.

Why do we follow this style?

We feel that the kids will be left far behind in this fast paced world, if not in the super fast lane of knowledge and skill development. So, we tend to push the poor kid beyond his/her capacity.
Giving no time or room for play, we tend to put the kid through the grind of tutoring, studying, educational projects and a host of extracurricular activities like swimming, music, dance, karate etc., with a tight and crazy schedule crammed into each day.

What happens to the kid if you follow this style of parenting?

The kid suffers too much of stress resulting from this kind of intense, unrelenting pressure, impacting on physical and mental health. Anxiety to perform to meet your high expectations pushes the kid to lie and cheat.
What we ignore in the process is the development of a normal, happy kid, blossoming naturally with age appropriate knowledge and skills.

How to get rid of incubator parenting tendencies?

1. Be patient and loving. Allow the kid to blossom and evolve naturally, enjoying everything that he/she does.
2. Let it be known to the kid that you are never ever going to reprimand, when you gently push the kid, raising the bar one notch at a time.
3. Identify the kid’s natural talents and nurture it.
4. Understand the kid’s capacities and act well within their limits.

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