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Are You Enjoying Your Role As Parent


Like every other thing in your life, your next generation is also your creation, with a substantial role played by you. The big question is, are you enjoying it?

Parenting – the art of raising kids, is encapsulation of your very life: full of ecstatic moments as well as deep disappointments; joys and sorrows; rewards and frustrations. Some of you may feel that this roller-coaster ride is what makes parenting exciting. Others may feel deeply distressed with parenting as a burden.


It is one job that doesn’t call for any credential, which you have taken on for no pay!
If your kid is a toddler, feeding the baby, changing its diapers, brushing the teeth, bathing, dressing up and of course, safeguarding against infections and illnesses may become very challenging especially if you are a busy professional and hard pressed for time. What will you do if help is not at hand?

If your kid is a teen, street fighting, drinking, sexual promiscuity, doing the drugs – you are having to cope with so many aspects of your kid’s life that you slump down conceding defeat at every turn. This tough job, present day parents feel, has only got tougher. Over seventy percent of parents surveyed in the US recently, have affirmed it. About 60 percent have also felt that they are not measuring up to the desired level of parenting displayed by those of the earlier generation.


And worse, many of today’s parents have expressed that they no longer enjoy raising kids and given a chance to start it all over again, they would rather not start a family. With so much of fear, uncertainties about their jobs and incomes and apprehensions about their preparedness for starting a family, many of the newly weds postpone having kids as much as possible. They wish to enjoy their togetherness for as long as possible, without a bother, before the stressful challenges of starting a family take over the rest of their lives.


A harsh reality the world over is that today’s kids, despite being more intelligent and tech savvy than those of the previous generation, are a lot less happier, more self-centered, materialistic, impatient, disrespectful, ill behaved and unruly. They are also highly stressed out, less focused and weak because of almost nonexistent physical activity. Today’s parents are guilty that they haven’t done enough. Despite giving everything they can for their kids’ material comforts, despite being quite friendly and loving, their kids’ behavior is far from satisfactory.

In our series of articles, we will explore the possible causes and various options available, to tackle these challenges.
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