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Quick Fix Parenting

Quick Fix Parenting Its quick fix parenting, if you attempt to immediately solve your kid’s problems for now, instead of looking to resolve it for the long term with lasting solutions. We tend to take steps like issuing warning, scolding, criticizing and even physically beating to make the kid fall in line immediately. Announcing rewards if the kid behaves better is part of the deal too. In the US, parents even resort to pills to subdue the hyperactive kid. Can you imagine?

Why do we follow this style?

This is because we are already stressed and hard pressed for time to be patient. We tend to quick fix the problem and make life easier for ourselves. What we fail to see is that the problem lingers on and raises its ugly head once again very soon, as it remains unresolved.

How to get over the quick fix tendency?

1. First, you have to stay balanced emotionally. This will avoid unmindful, automatic reaction and give way to a more prudent, appropriate response in the face of a problem with the kid.

2. Talk to the kid patiently and lovingly and let him/her see why the behavior is inappropriate. Show the kid the way to correct it.

3. Once resolved, it is done for good. The problem will not recur again. Even if it does, sometimes in the future, repeat the same strategy and reinforce, so that the kid is empowered to behave correctly.

4. The kid will be happy and you won’t have any complaints.

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