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Safety Centric Parenting

Safety Centric Parenting When you become obsessively safety conscious for the kid and constantly try to keep the kid away from physical and psychological harm, you are doing Safety Parenting.

What is wrong with it, you may ask.

Of course, safety of the kid is of paramount importance to the parent. Living in this modern world with access to technology gadgets, we are able to keep the kid under our constant surveillance. We do that because it is a bad world out there. Dangers loom large in the form of kidnapping, terrorism, sexual predators, shoot outs, cyber bullying, online pedophiles, dangerous food, toxic toys, greedy nannies, risky transport etc.

So, is it not better to be safe than sorry?

Yes, but the problem is when we become overly fearful and worried about the safety of the kid; that is when we tend to overdo it. “Don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t talk to strangers, don’t go there” – these are some of our constant commands to the kid.

By fearing, worrying and overdoing safety, we are stifling the kid’s uncluttered freedom to taste some of good fun life holds for the kid. Instead, the kid imbibes the negative energy of constant fear and anxiety from you, which deeply impacts the kid’s personality.

So, what do you do?
1. How to let the kid be safe and still be free?
2. Stop overdoing safety. Let your hair down a bit yourself. Stop fearing and worrying over the kid’s safety.
3. Instead, be aware of safety issues at every turn and take proactive measures without the element of fear or worry.
4. Teach the kid to follow the rules of safety, explaining fully why it is important.
5. You have to do this to your kid patiently and diligently, all the time instilling confidence, instead of fear or anxiety. This will help the kid to be constantly aware about safety issues and be able to face the situations boldly.

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