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Secondary Parenting

Secondary Parenting When we helplessly surrender ourselves to a secondary role in raising kids, the primary role being taken over by electronic media and tech gadgets, we do Secondary Parenting. Our role is pathetically relegated to the secondary, insignificant position because kids today are constantly plugged in. They are hooked on to the TV, computer, cell phone messaging, Facebook, Youtube, ipods, DVDs, Play stations etc.

Is it the same with your kid too?

Kids growing up with them from a tender age are easily influenced by learning what is dished out, which is predominantly negative, violent and vulgar. What do you expect of the kid to become, when he/she is continuously fed on such a diet?

The reality is pretty close to what we shudder to think.
Over 95 percent of boys and girls in their teens spend most of their waking hours on the media and gadgets. An equally unnerving aspect of this scenario is that the kids hardly have face to face interactions with us.

What happens to the kid?

The kid tends to become an island in a sea of humanity, unable to experience the beauty of human relationships. With kids drifting away from our sphere of influence, we are no longer able to play a vital, guiding, parental role in their lives. Kids tend to look up to others for help and guidance and imbibe their values; they become vulnerable to external pressures and become a victim of others’ whims and fancies.

What is the way out of this stark reality?

1. You have to take charge and wrest control by weaning the kid away from the media and gadgets and maximize your quality time with him/her.
2. Get out with the kid more often, play physical games, do projects together, get involved in his/her hobbies.
3. Be loving and open in your interactions with the kid and let the kid realize the true value of yourself and your role in the kid’s life.

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