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Double Pleasure Or Double Trouble

Double Trouble Giving birth to twins is a unique and exhilarating experience! When twins are born, they bring double the joy and happiness and it can stay that way in later years too, provided they are nurtured with awareness and understanding. Two souls arriving together in a family with identical or non identical bodies or genders, enrich your life with their unique personality traits and behaviours. Understanding this fact is at the root of best practices for bringing up twins.

Twins bond well especially in the formative years.

In a rare demonstration of their bonding, twins born prematurely were kept in separate incubators. One of the twins was fighting for its life and was not responding well to treatments. When the nurse decided to put the healthy twin also in the same incubator, a miracle happened. The healthy twin snuggled up and wrapped its tiny arm around the sick one. Soon, the sick twin’s blood oxygen stabilized and it recovered!

Double trouble:

Twins do bring their share of parenting challenges.

1. Double the physical strain & exhaustion, coupled with double the financial commitments can take a toll on parents. Parents have to adequately prepare themselves and face them. Staying positive and conserving energy would enable the parents to pull through.
2. Look- a- like twins of the same gender experience resentment when one is often mistaken for the other. Introducing distinguishing features into their dressing and personal grooming will make it easier for you as well as others to identify them.
3. Unique qualities, traits and carried over tendencies set even identical twins apart in their emotional states. They think, speak and act differently. Meting out a similar treatment to both of them and expecting them to behave similarly are some of the mistakes parents tend to commit. For the same reason, making comparisons in their behavior and achievements will hurt them emotionally. Parents should take care to avoid these mistakes.
4. Parents should recognize their uniqueness and address them accordingly. Parents should also spend some quality time alone with each, interact intimately to understand their needs and cater to them.
5. Each twin has a unique and distinctly different set of talents. Parents should spot them early and nurture them instead of clubbing their activities together. Each must be encouraged to have his/her own set of friends, toys, games and pastimes.
6. There are chances of learning disabilities among twins. Parents should be alert to spot any learning difficulty experienced by either of the two and get them assessed.

Parenting ways that are used for other kids apply to the twins too, for their healthy upbringing.
Remember, you have got a rare gift of twins with whom you can enjoy unique relationships, whatever the challenge may be.

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