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Will Your Kid Change On Own

Kid Change On Own Are you one of those parents who believe that the kid will change his/her bad behavior on his/her own? Check out if you are complacent. Do you feel that nothing needs to be done at your end, as the problem will eventually go away by itself? Do you feel that it is just a passing phase and you need not be concerned?

Wake up. Know it for a fact that it is not going to change on its own. You have to nip the bad behavior in the bud. Without your timely intervention, your kid’s bad behavior is only going to worsen. With passing time, it becomes a habit and soon reaches a point of no return. And then it becomes a lot tougher to effect a change.

So, what should you do?

1.It is not your kid’s original nature to behave badly. Mostly, it is something that your kid picked up from his/her observation and experience available at home or elsewhere. Remember, the kid imbibes the virtues that are predominant at home. So, you first need to introspect and check whether the behaviour of your kid is the result of the environment he/she is constantly exposed to at home. If so, then you, your spouse or any other family member displaying such bad behaviour needs to change first.

2. If you are sure that the kid couldn’t possibly have acquired the bad behavior from home, you should check out the company he/she keeps. The only way to keep a tab on it is to constantly and openly interact with your kid. Do not reprimand. Give the kid confidence to share all his/her experiences outside home and all the interactions with friends. Gently, lovingly and patiently wean your kid away from bad company by letting the kid know of the consequences of the bad company. Encourage the kid to be in good, positive and uplifting group.

3. If you are sure that the kid’s bad behavior is not acquired from home or from outside, then there is a possibility that it is innate tendency, carried from the kid’s previous births. If you don’t believe in past births and tendencies being carried over, just look at the differences between siblings and even identical twins born and brought up in the same environment. How else can you explain it? If the kid’s behavior is as a result of innate tendency, you have to accept it first. Then, with loving care and understanding, the kid has to be made aware of the tendency and helped to come out of it.

Remember, whatever may be the reason, as soon as the bad behavior is displayed, you should nip it in the bud using the above approach, instead of being laid back, hoping it will go on its own. It will not.

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