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Parenting Challenges

Parenting Let us face it – parenting was a pleasure yesterday, but a huge challenge these days. So much so, that youngsters who come together in a beautiful relationship postpone their first kid to the maximum extent possible. They want to enjoy life freely without too much care in the world for as long as they can, before taking on the roller coaster of raising a family.

Are you one of these? Do you wish to grasp some of the perspectives of family life before venturing into it? Do you wish to make your married life more meaningful & complete? Then read on.


Not long ago, getting married and conceiving the first child marked the beginning of life’s fulfillment for a girl and the commencement of a new chapter of exciting responsibilities in the life of a boy in our society.
The joy of success, achievement and fulfillment in the lives of the couple was truly experienced when they looked forward to their first child and a brand new soul entered their family. The couple had now acquired the prized title of parents.

Their role in the drama of life now assumed a tremendous significance. From a life of focus on self interest to a life of living for each other, both started living for the child with a synergy never experienced in their personal lives before. This total transformation of their role had a new name- parenting. Dedication, sacrifice, hard work and selfless service were some of the virtues experienced and displayed in new, expanded dimensions of profound and far reaching consequences in their lives.

Parenting then was such a naturally flowing, integral part of their being that it was almost an invisible workload for them. Parenting was on a solid footing, adequately supported by a closely knit joint family structure where every member pitched in with self assumed responsibilities in shaping the personality of the child.


See what has happened to this important role these days. More of material comforts, access to facilities, knowledge and economic resources, expanded opportunities and technology have made parenting more of a burden and challenge than making it any easier. Shift in lifestyles and attitudes are perhaps to blame.

Right from the time it is in the mother’s womb, the new soul is fed with a diet of rejection, self doubt, fear, anxiety, inadequacy and other negative emotions of either or both parents and relatives. All these relate to the new soul’s entry into this world and its subsequent lifelong nurturing. In such a discouraging environment, how can the child develop a happy, confident and well rounded personality and be ready to face the ups and downs life has to offer? What is even worse is that the young parents are not even aware that they are failing to fulfill their parenting responsibilities adequately.

A series of articles which follow will dwell on this important role called parenting, the new challenges it faces and ways to overcome them. An attempt is made to understand this role in all its dimensions and ramifications for each of us and our future generation. Happy reading!

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