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Alisha Singhal in Day Care

Behavior & Personality:

Warmth: Participating, likes People, but a little Reserved & Formal.

Reasoning: Fast Learner & Intelligent.

Emotional stability: Affected by Feelings, Moody, Changeable, easily gets upset.

Dominance: Dominant, Assertive, Competing & Bossy.

Liveliness: Enthusiastic, Expressive but Impulsive.

Rule consciousness: Somewhat Self-Indulgent.

Social Boldness: Socially bold, Uninhibited.

Sensitivity: Sentimental.

Vigilance: Vigilant, Oppositional.

Openness to change: Attached to familiar.

Self-Reliance: Individualistic

Perfectionism: Socially precise, compulsive, exacting will Power, but also impulsive at times.

Tension: Impatient, driven, high energy.

Food Habits:

At Present Alisha has developed taste for all types of food & shows interest in eating fruits & vegetables.
Has inclination for salty food.
Has a good appetite loves to taste new dishes.

Physical Developments:

Good development of gross & fine motor skills.
Trying to become independent, does things at her own.
Learning to eat herself properly.
Undergoing toilet training / able to express her toilet needs.
Physically very active.

Cognitive Developments:

Very good developments in language and communication skills.
Very fast learner, has good recognition skills and sharp memory.
Loves to see picture books, sing rhymes with action.
Understands ever thing and is also able to communicate with others and express herself properly.

Social Developments:

loves to talk when we talk with her & becomes very happy.
Learning to share.
Friendly with all staffs and kids.