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Anshika in Day Care

Food Habits:

Initially at the time of admission she was on mothers feed and powder milk.

Gradually we introduced sweet Dalia, Suji Kheer, Khichdi, Mashed Banana, Mashed Potato (boiled), Boiled Dal & Mango Shake in her diet. She has a good appetite, eats comfortably & shows interest in eating.

Physical Developments:

Can sit and crawl.
Waves hands.
Tries to reach & grasp objects.

Cognitive Developments:

Recognizes all staffs by face.
Strongly attached to few staffs.
Becomes Very happy when somebody talks to her.
Responds on her name being called.
Learning to clap & gestures to say bye.

Social Developments:

Has developed attachment for few staff members and is friendly with other kids over here.
Tries to communicate using gestures & facial expressions.
Has become familiar & friendly with all.

Behaviour & Personality:

Warmth- Warm, Easy going likes people.

Reasoning- Appears to be a fast learner.

Emotional Stability- Adaptive, Emotionally Stable.

Dominance- Assertive but at the same time, submissive & accommodating.

Liveliness- Expressive, Happy-go-lucky.

Sensitivity- Sensitive

Vigilance- Appears to be accepting, easy & trusting.

Apprehension- at present she appears to be unworried, confident & secure.

Openness to change- Is open to change, flexible.

Tension- appears relaxed composed & tranquil.