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Top 8 practices and parenting tips for being best parents from 360 Kids Day Care

1. Be Communicative: Make your child feel free to express himself/herself before you without any fear or hesitation and listen to them without being judgmental from the beginning. Keep listening and talking to your child as much as you can and make him/her feel that you enjoy it.

2. Be Cooperative: Try to make yourself involved in your child’s activity like doing homework and project works, but remember that you are there just to help or assist him/her in the work and not to complete the task itself.

3. Be Encouraging & Supportive: Especially during the crisis period or when the child faces failure, rather than criticizing the child or discussing about it very often. Help your child accept the fact that failure like success is a part of life and boost his/her morale to face future challenges with a fresh mind and full energy.

4. Praise in Public but Criticize in Private: You can discuss about your child’s success or good habits no matter small or big, in front of others but avoid discussing about the child’s limitations or mischiefs in public. Make your child feel good about him/her.

5. Be a Role Model for your child – We need to monitor and change ourselves before monitoring our child’s behavior. Children follow parents, if we want our children to learn any good then we need to exercise it and work on it first. For example if we keep watching T.V till late in the night and expect our child to go to bed in time, then it’s just not fair. If parents are organized then child will also try to be organized.

6. Be flexible and sensitive: Make rules that are practically feasible for your child to follow and do keep changing for your child’s capabilities. For example if we expect a 2yrs old kid to eat at its own and that to without spoiling hands, clothes and table, from the very first day and also scold him/her for not eating properly, just because we want to make the child independent; then it’s not fair.

7. Make rule and also show the reason behind: Explain your child the benefits he/she will have from following the advices or rules made. Avoid giving harsh punishments in the name of disciplining the child.

8. Always remember that “Rome was not built in a day” – The process of inculcating any new habit or bringing any change in child’s behavior should be gradual and peaceful, not abrupt & sudden. So, parents need to develop a lot of patience. Parents should be lovable & respectable but not fearful. Our child should respect us out of love, not fear.