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Common Cough & Cold

The symptoms of common cough occurrs in the upper respiratory system including nose, throat a viral disease. Over to 200 different viruses can cause cough and cold. It stays for 7 to 10 days leaving no complications in most of the cases.

The cause of common cough and cold are -

a) Due to changing in weather/temperature.

b) Due to smoke.

c) Due to transfer from infected person to a child.

What to do:-

There are few suggestions which can help us in common cough and cold.

a) Keeping child well hydrated:-
For the age from 0-6 months - sticks to breast feed and an electrolyte solution such as pedialyte etc.
For the ages from 6- 12 months - try water, diluted juices, milk etc. in their diet.

b) Honey:- before giving honey to your child, you must be sure that child should not be allergic. Honey dosage for different age groups are as below-

For 2-5 years - half tea spoon twice in a day.
For 6-11 years - one tea spoon twice in a day.
For 12 -15 years - two tea spoon twice in a day.
Honey is not recommended for children below one year.

c) Give soft food due to cough and cold many of children develop scratchy through it is advisable to give them soft food like puddings, soup, gelatin deserts and ice creams etc. to keep irritation away in the throat.

d) Use normal saline nasal drops for comfortable breathing.

e) You can send child to daycare or school with disposable tissues & cold relief medicines.


a) Make sure that medicines should be given under medical supervision.
b) If the child has a temperature, that is higher than 100°4 degree, consult your doctor.
c) Use a thermometer to take the temperature in your baby's arm pit. This is called axillary temperature, usually lower by 1.0 to 1.5 degree.

5. When to call a doctor:-

a) If fever prosiest more than 100°4.
b) If the child does not play even for 3-4 times in a day.
c) If the child feel difficulty in breathing
d) If the child is dehydrated that means

For babies younger than 12 months - Dry diaper offer 6 to 8 hours
For older children - No urination more than 8 hours & No tears when child is crying or dry lips.
e) If you find traces of blood in mucous or/and saliva.