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Computer Vision Syndrome

In this issue, we attempt to help you understand Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which is a term used to describe eye strain and tiredness, temporary weak vision, dry irritated eyes, light sensitivity that result from prolonged use of computers.

CVS affects 75% of the people who work on computers, more often those over the age of 40 years and those who wear spectacles.

Dry Eyes:

As we stare at the computer screen, our blink rate decreases. We actually blink 66% less while working on the computer. This causes our eyes to feel dry and to burn.


Every 30 minutes blink 10 times by closing your eyes as if falling asleep(very slowly).
Take a vision break every 15 minutes or so.
Use eye lubricants like Aqua tears if required.

Glare & Reflection:

Reflections from your monitor can make your eyes tired. You may find yourself squinting or sitting in a posture that is fatiguing in order to "get around the glare".


Reposition your monitor so that it doesn't face the windows.
Adjust or add window blinds.
Use glare filter screens

Your Monitor:

The redraw or the refresh rate of many monitors is 60 Hz. This speed can cause a flicker that makes the screen appear to roll. The flicker stimulates the eyes to refocus, tiring the visual system.


Reset the refresh rate of the monitor to 70-85 Hz.
Match the brightness of the environment with that of your computer.
Make sure that the contrast between the screen background and the on-screen characters is high Keep your screen free of dust and smudges.
Adjust the height of your monitor; the center of the computer screen should be 4-9 inches below your eye level.
Try to position your monitor about 20-26 inches away.
Consider computer glasses; these can be worn alone or over contact lenses.
Consider a anti-glare coating on your lenses.
Look away from your computer screen every 30 minutes, and focus for 5-10 seconds on a distant object outside.

We hope these smart vision tips will be useful in preventing eye strain and help in taking better care of your eyes.