360° Kids - Day Care in Dwarka
RZ A1/21, Vijay Enclave
Dwarka Sector 1A, New Delhi 110045
ph: 8527177855
Fee Structure

Day Care FAQs:

What kind of fee structure your day care have?
We have only two kinds of fee structure:
1. Monthly Basis
2. Daily Basis
What are the holidays observed?
We observe very limited holidays throughout the year, and they are in sync with large Corporates. Please visit here for holiday list.
Are there any age specific schedules in day care?
There are specific activities and schedules for different age groups. The schedule includes nap, meals, snacks, milk, free play, tuition, self-study, planned age specific activities, storytelling, dance, etc. Infants are taken care of in separate enclosures where other kids are not allowed to mingle. The activities are monitored by Activity in charge, Supervisor and Manager.
How long have you been running the Day Care?
We have been running the Day Care Centre since January, 2011.
Do you have competent staff?
Yes. Our employees are screened through verification of their identity, aptitude for child care and attitude towards kids. They are periodically trained with the latest systems and procedures in child care for enhancing their performance. A regular performance appraisal system is in place to fine tune their efficiency.
Is your Day Care Centre spacious enough for little children?
Yes. We have a dedicated space of approximately 4000 sq.ft. for day care. Another 1500 sq.ft. for studies related, plus we are adding approximately 3000 sq.ft. more to our daycare facility.
Do you provide pick up & drop facility??
Yes. We have three cabs deployed to pick up from home to the Centre and back.
What is the age profile of babies in your day care?
Infants -10
Do you permit a surprise visit by the admission seeker?
No, we don't. Kid's safety and comfort are our priorities. Kids won't be comfortable in the presence of strangers. So, we restrict entry of outsiders in kid's area.
Why should I give my personal information?
We need the personal information of parents at the time of admission for verification of identity and contact details.
How do you manage babies with varied requirements?
We are a professional and well managed organization. We have educated, trained & well experienced staff who work with dedication and love towards children. They work responsibly and cheerfully. Our staff is well equipped to understand the varying requirements of children and act accordingly.
How do you arrange meals for the babies?
Our first priority is to provide nutritious & palatable meals to babies. An expert female cook prepares meals for kids under strict hygienic conditions.
Can parents send their own meals with the children?
Yes, parents can send their own meals with babies. But, We urge the parents to avoid junk food.
How much time does the baby take to adjust?
It is an interesting question. It depends on the nature of the child, age of the child and prior experience of the child in day care, if any. Most babies adjust within first two days; however some of them take as long as 10 days.
Do you allow free trial?
No, we do not allow free trial. Our service is provided after the admission of baby in the day care.
Do you provide play group/play school facilities also?
Yes, we do. We also have a play school in separate premises, barely 30 meters away.
What are the eligibility criteria for admission?
1. Age limit starts from 3 months onwards. The baby can remain in Day Care till 12 years.
2. Parents should produce valid and original identity/address proof, date of birth certificate of the child and a photo at the time of admission. Parents should deposit the photocopy of all the documents which are mentioned above.
3. Parents should complete all admission formalities at the time of admission.
My child has started going school. Will you pick him from the school/bus dropping point?
Yes, we can pick him from the school or bus dropping point or from home.
How is your day care different from others?

Our Day Care is a dedicated centre, not a play school or home.

We are a well organized, professional Day Care Centre with a dedicated team of management and staff.

We provide facilities like CCTV, daily dash board and a superior quality of living for children and day care staff.

There is a dedicated in house Child Counselor in our Day Care.

We provide pickup and drop facilities from school and home.

Our top most priority is the safety & security of children.

We have a successful track record of over five years.

What is the fee structure of your day care?
It depends on duration of stay, meals, age and other value added services used.
Is there any admission fee to be paid while taking admission in the Day Care?
Yes. For details, please visit our Day Care.
I want to send my child to the Day Care for 15 days only. What will be the fee?
For the short term, we charge on a daily basis. For details, please visit us.
Can I sit and observe for a while?
Yes, you can sit in our reception area and watch all activities of kids on TV, which is connected with our CCTV.
How do you take care of a sick child in the Day Care?
Our staff trained in first aid would give special attention immediately to the child and keep the child in a separate room. We would immediately inform the parents. In case of a minor ailment, vomiting or discomfort, we would administer the same prescribed medicine, on the advice of parents, if they are used to a similar condition. We will keep a close watch on the child till the parents arrive to take the child home. We would urge the parents not to send the child to the Day Care till the child has completely recovered.

In case of any severe problem, we inform parents and take child to nearest hospital.
Can I bring snacks for all children?
Yes, you can bring snacks for all the children on special occasions like birth days.
Is there a separate area for babies?
Yes, there is a separate area for babies. Babies should never be grouped with older children. There is allocated area and a separate team for infants to take care and stay with the babies all the time
In case of need, whom should we contact?
Our Operation in-charge, Manager and Child Counselor are always available for contact on phone, email or in person for any query.
What is your suggestion for reducing the separation anxiety of my child?
Separation anxiety in children is a common phenomenon that may stay with them throughout their early years. Before bringing the child to the Day Care, we suggest that you divert the attention of the child to an intense activity. At the Day Care, enter into an easy conversation with our staff in the presence of the child and let the child slowly begin to feel comfortable with the presence of others with you. Then, smoothly hand over the child to our caretaker with sweet words, hugs and kisses and leave immediately with a big smile on your face. If the child begins to cry, say reassuring words as you take leave.
What is the privacy policy of day care?
We do not share any details of babies, parents & staff to anyone. Keeping the personal information secure is of paramount importance to us.