At 360° Kids, we strive to provide meals full of nutrients as per the Recommended Dietary allowance (RDA) standards for kids on a daily basis. Based on a careful study of RDA standards for various age groups, a well balanced diet is provided. We source the right quality ingredients and cook in our hygienic kitchen to provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. While designing daycare menu we also keep in mind that kids need 2 to 3 times more nutrients per kg of body weight than adults as they are in a fast growing phase.

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Eating healthy is indeed a matter of habit. Kids learn it very fast by copying others around them. At 360° Kids, we are fully aware of the importance of the right company and environment. Fooding at creche provide the same for initiating the kids into a life time habit of good, healthy eating and table manners.

Daycare Meals
Meals by 360 Kids Daycare

In 360° Kids Day Care, we also have enrollments exclusively for improving eating habits. Daycare follows a healthy, wholesome vegetarian diet regimen, choosing from a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds etc. and ensure a balanced supply of essential nutrients viz., carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins minerals and water. Day care take care to avoid junk food containing saturated fats, excessive salt and sugar. We ensure that the kids are constantly exposed to nutritionally rich and balance diet that is fine tuned to meet their needs for their fast growth and health.

To develop healthy eating habits, we encourage children to adopt table etiquettes. Menu in daycare is designed to provide variety of meals including Indian, regional and continental food. However we only prepare pure veg food, but eggs can be served where there is clinical recommendation. Meat and fish are not allowed inside our premises to store or consume.