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After reading Sachin's report I couldn't believe that there is so much about my son. Itís not him, but me who needed to change attitude. Excellent Report, thank You.

This report actually make me understand how to communicate with my son, now we connect like never before. Now I don't instruct him, but discuss his conducts with deeper understanding. Love it.

Prior to this report I never had so much confidence in my parenting. Though there is no behavioral problem in my daughter, but now I understand her personality & potential.

We have been trying so hard to make our son control his anger, but thing were worsening out. We tried out this session with very little hope, but it turned out to be a good decision. He has shown tremendous improvement in his behaviour.

She is now motivated towards her goals. She arranges her belongings and completes her homework every day, gained lot confidence. I am a proud mother now!

Thanks for such wonderful report, I really loved it. Though it is indeed lengthy, but every word and line is worth reading. Kuddos.

I always knew that my daughter Neema is a confident and cool girl, but people around her mistook her as placid kind of child. With your report I can identify those soft spots, which need tweaking. Thanks.

Your report is an eye opener, every parent should have one for their child.

Excellent report, this turn out to be very easy to use and practicle guide to deal with my 8 year old, who otherwise is just out of control.

This is a life saver for me. I was totally confused with so many advises from friends, relatives and teachers to improve confidence in my 5 year old daughter. She is responding well to your advice, and I am happy to be here. Thanks a ton.

Your report means business, thatís what I like most. I have been fed up with all the global gyan, overflowing on internet and outside it, like those metaphysics work, which is more of spiritual and can do no good. Your recommendations are highly personalize and to the point. Good work.

If you are not doing right parenting, than you are doing wrong parenting.

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Article by Dr. Richa Tyagi:

What is emerging: An exercise in discovering purpose

Have a large sheet of drawing paper and crayons, coloured pens, or magic markers ready. Before you
begin, ask the client to divide the sheet into four equal-sized quarters with a marker or pen. You will ask
the client a series of four questions, and each answer will be recorded as a drawing or symbol in one
quarter of the sheet. Guide your client to relax in a comfortable but alert position and to attune to their
inner self, with eyes closed. Instruct the client:

1.Ask yourself: "Where am I now in life?" Allow images, sensations, feelings, and thoughts to arise in
response. . . . When you feel ready, capture your response on the paper, in colours, shapes, symbols, or
pictures. . . . When you finish, set the drawing aside and once again close your eyes, turning inward.

2.Now ask yourself: "What is emerging in my life now?" "What is my next step?" Again observe the
images, sensations, feelings, and thoughts that arise, drawing a response in a second quarter of the
sheet. . . . When you are finished, return to the quiet place within.

3.Ask yourself: "What is getting in my way?" "What is holding me back?" Observe your response and
capture it in a section of the paper. . . . Again, return to the quiet of your inner self.

4.Ask yourself: "What do I need to develop in order to take my next step and to move through my
difficulty? What quality do I need to develop in my life?" Allow yourself the time necessary to receive
images, sensations, and feelings in response. . . . Observe whatever comes up, and capture this
response in the final section of the drawing paper. . . . Now, look at all four of your drawings/symbols
and notice whatever is there to see. . . . You may wish to make notes about your responses to the
questions, what you felt and thought (adapted from the Institute of Psychosynthesis; to author, 1996).

When we are clear on our purpose, it is possible to bring all aspects of will - strong, skilful, good, and
even transpersonal will - to bear on a problem. With clarity of purpose, our clients are maximally
prepared to triumph over even very hard times.
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