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This is a comprehensive directory of day care centres, creche & day boarding facilities in your own city.

Parents who are looking for day care facility and day care operators looking forward to offer their services will find this website useful for information sharing.

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What should I choose?
Before you decide what to choose, lets see what these facilities stands for or in general serve us.

Creche:- It is more of baby sitting, where a lady keep toddlers or infants in a premises with help of a maid. Along with basic shelter babies are ensured of food, sleep & potty cleaning. These can be found in almost all localities of your city, charges are ranged from Rupees 2,000 to 7,000 based on timing, property rental & experience of baby sitter.

Day Boarding:- Day Boarding facility offers separate bed & bedding for rest, for children who can manage much of their chores on their own and full course meal. Day boarding facility is usually for grown up children and situated with school. Since schools are not open for outsider's their charges are not public nor that matter.

Day Care:- Day Care is a structured institution where basic & broad needs of children essential for proper physical, cognitive & social development. Unlike creche, Day Care is highly organised, with competent & trained staff. Children from 3 months onward up to 10 years are taken care of, in absence of their parents. Charges range from Rupees 2,500 to 10,000, based on timing, facilities, rental etc. 

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