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RZ A1/21, Vijay Enclave
Dwarka Sector 1A, New Delhi 110045
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Diagnostic Workshop

Our diagnostic workshop for kids is organized in the premises of 360° Kids Day Care in Dwarka. The purpose of the workshop is to understand the pattern of behavior of toddlers under different environmental setups.

In the workshop, observations relating to the behavioral traits of toddlers are recorded under normal and controlled conditions respectively, in a structured environment.

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First the observation is made while the Toddlers are playing outdoor games in an open space. The second observation is made while the toddlers are playing indoor games in a confined area. The third observation is made while the toddlers are undergoing a training session.

During these sessions, we observe traits like confidence, physical activity, group adjustment, interest, patience, work involvement, imagination & abstractedness, creativity & enthusiasm through the level of participation & performance of toddlers in different play activity.