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Giardiasis is a parasitic infection that infects the intestine of animals and humans. The infection is called as giardiasis or beaver fever. It is common cause of diarrhea.


a) May cause diarrhea.
b) Stomach pain or cramps.
c) Bloating.
d) Fatigue.
e) Weight loss
f) Frequently loose and pale greasy stools.

Method of spread

a) Eating or drinking of contaminated food or water etc.
b) Spread by a contact with the feces of an infected domestic or wild animal, not followed by proper hand washing.

Incubation period

(the period between the initial infection and the appearance of symptoms)
3-25 days from date of contact.

Communicable period

(the time during which an infectious agent may be transferred directly or indirectly)
During entire period of infection.

What to do

Consult with doctors for appropriate therapy.

Control and prevention

a) Wash hand carefully.
b) Promote good personal hygiene and hand washing.
c) Protect water supplies.
d) Careful disposal of sewage.