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Stomach infection -Hemolytic uremic syndrome

HUS is a disorder that usually occurs when an infection in the digestive system produce toxic substance which destroy red blood cells, causing kidney injury.

Symptoms are:

a) It often begins with vomiting and diarrhea.
b) Dehydration.
c) Pale skin (anemia)
d) Reduced urine production.

Method of spread

a) HUS often occurs after a gastro intestinal infection with E-coli bacteria i.e. E-coli 0157;H7
b) Also spread by person - to - person contact, or by eating contaminated foods.
c) It can also spread by contact with person infected with shigella dysenteria.

Incubation period

(the period between the initial infection and the appearance of symptoms)
a) Usually takes 3-4 days from date of contact.
b) HUS usually develops within 1-2 weeks of diarrhea onset.

Communicable period

(the time during which an infectious agent may be transferred directly or indirectly)
HUS cannot be spread from person to person. However the organism which causes the syndrome can be spread by poor hand washing or improper food handling.

What to do

It is a very serious illness and requires the immediate attention of a physician.

Control and prevention

a) You can prevent it by cooking hamburgers and meats well.
b) Avoid contact with unclean water.
c) Promote good personal hygiene and hand washing
d) Do not drink unpasteurized milk or juices.