Improve Concentration in Studies

Your child seems to be distracted with anything and everything, whenever he/she sits down to study. This happens in spite of your repeated counselling. Providing a nice, quiet corner, fixing a convenient time of the study, avoiding distractions like TV and even yourself sitting with the child while studying doesn’t seem to help.

You are exhausted. You are wondering how your child’s concentration while studying is going to improve, as you are aware that without focused attention, consistently over the duration of the study, your child’s academic performance, especially in higher classes, will badly suffer.

Improve Concentration in Studies
Improve Concentration in Studies

So, what can you do?

Your child’s lack of concentration upsets his/her teacher too. Your child may be inattentive, irritable, forgetful and show problems in reading and writing. Your child may also be aggressive, impulsive and hyperactive.

Here are a few helpful tips to improve your child’s concentration:

  1. Diet – Ensuring a healthy diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables keep your child’s mental abilities in top shape. You should also consciously avoid artificially coloured foods for your child as they tend to aggravate hyperactivity in them.
  2. Daily Routine – Let your child follow a regular pattern of various activities during the day, especially after school, with time fixed for each. A fixed time for studying shall be squeezed in between. The child may refresh with a glass of milk and settle down to study for one or two hours, before going on to watching some TV of his/her choice for about an hour or so, followed by dinner, unwinding with some video games, settling in the bed with some storybooks etc. This type of routine followed as a ritual will help the child adapt to a pattern, letting him/her know what follows each, leaving less room for chaotic deviations that distract the mind. See that the child doesn’t spend too much time on TV or other gadgets in free time; instead, engage your child with some indoor games like carom, chess etc.
  3. Study Along – Help your child during the study hour with homework and other assignments. Make it a stress-free affair, treating the child lovingly and with understanding. No pestering, comparisons or show of your own anxieties or doubts. The trick is in making the child feel like studying, with no pressure on test marks or competitions or any other expectations to be fulfilled, during studying. A happy frame of mind while settling down to study will help improve concentration in studies.
  4. Spending quality time exclusively with your child outside the study hour, having fun together and encouraging conversation about anything under the sun and beyond, will help your child to free his/her mind of any stress and open up with you, build up confidence and self-esteem. This will spill over to a more concentrated effort while studying.
  5. Show genuine interest in all of your child’s activities. Let your child feel the unconditional love flowing from you, even while being firm about following a discipline. Stay happy, cheerful and enthusiastic yourself. Celebrate your child’s achievements, however small, in your own little ways. Make studying an enjoyable experience for the child and let him/her know that a focused effort will be richly rewarding, especially in the long run.

Need Expert's Help?

There might be chances that you find the suggestions here too generic or already have tried all these and find them, and they seem to be not working. Such cases need expert help, and that is available online. You can take a Personal SWOT Analysis and find the real cause of the problem and practical solution.