360° Kids - Day Care in Dwarka
RZ A1/21, Vijay Enclave
Dwarka Sector 1A, New Delhi 110045
ph: 8527177855
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Ishika in Day Care

Social Development:

Gradually forming associative with staffs and children.

Behaviour & Personality Traits:

Reasoning - Appears to be fast learner.

Emotional stability - Emotionally less stable.

Dominance - Assertive, but somewhat submissive also.

Liveliness - At present appears to be somewhat restrained.

Rule Consciousness - Rule conscious

Social Boldness - Somewhat shy & hesitant.

Sensitivity - Sensitive, tender minded.

Vigilance - Vigilant, but somewhat accepting also.

Openness to change- Attached to familiar.

Self-Reliance - Somewhat individualistic.

Perfectionism - Somewhat self-disciplined, exacting will power, self-sentimental.

Tension - Somewhat tense, impatient.