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RZ A1/21, Vijay Enclave
Dwarka Sector 1A, New Delhi 110045
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Jonathan in Day Care

Food Habits:

Shows interest in drinking milk.
Has a good appetite.
But creates lot of trouble while eating.

Physical Development:

Very active, strong, Confident and playful.
Runs, walks & climbs stairs independently.
Can tell about his toilet need. Has developed bladder control.
Good development of motor skills.
Learning to eat himself.
Shows lot of interest in playing outdoor games.

Social Developments:

Gradually has become friendly with all staff members & kids.
Loves to play in group with all children.
Actively participates in group activities.

Cognitive Development:

Gradual development of language & communication skills.
Good in recognition. Recognises most of the kids by their names & faces.
Can utter few words.
Learning to express himself properly in words.


Warmth- easy going, participating.

Reasoning - Appears to be bright.

Emotional stability - Adaptive, but somewhat changeable also.

Dominance - assertive & competitive.

Liveliness - lively.

Rule consciousness - somewhat self-indulgent.

Social Boldness - Somewhat shy, takes a little time.

Sensitivity - Sensitive, but somewhat objective also.

Vigilance-Somewhat trusting & accepting.

Abstractedness -not sure

Privateness -At present appears to be Unpretentious & genuine.

Apprehension - Appears to be confident & self-satisfied.

Openness to change - Open to change, flexible.

Self-Reliance- Somewhat affiliative, a joiner.

Perfectionism - appears to be Organised & self-disciplined.

Tension - Very energetic.