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Lavanya in Day Care

Food Habits:

Has a good appetite.
Shows interest in eating.
Has learned to chew food properly & can eat all types of solid food.
Like to eat all kinds of fruits & vegetables.

Physical Development:

Can walk confidently, also tries to run fast.
Loves to play on rides & with ball.
Physically active.
Undergoing toilet training.

Cognitive Development:

Gradual development of speech & language.
Appears quiet most of the times.
As such she is able to understand things being told to her and can follow simple commands.
Gradually developing communication skills.
Can utter many words.
Recognises all staffs and kids by their name & face.
Most of the time uses gestures to communicate.
Tries to sing rhymes by listening them.

Social Development:

Strongly attached with few staff.
Friendly with all kids.
Has adjusted very well in the group.
Enjoys playing in group & doing activities.

Behaviour & Personality Traits:

Warmth - Easy going.

Reasoning - not sure

Emotionally stable - Adaptive, emotionally stable.

Dominance - Obedient, submissive , docile,

Liveliness - Somewhat expressive, but most of the times appears silent & serious.

Rule consciousness - not sure

Social Boldness - Uninhibited.

Sensitivity - Appears to objective, self-reliant.

Vigilance - Accepting, easy.

Abstractedness - not sure

Privateness - not sure

Apprehension - Unworried.

Openness to change - Open to change, flexible.

Self-Reliance - A joiner, follower, but somewhat self-sufficient also.

Perfectionism - not sure.

Tension - Composed, low drive, appears tranquil most of the time.