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Lice (head lice pediculosis)

Pediculosis is an infection in the hairy parts of the body or clothing with eggs, larval or adults of lice. During the crawling stage of this insect, it feeds on human blood, which can result in severe itching.


Small white eggs (nits).
Firmly attached to hair soft especially around ears and nap of neck.
Grey white, adult lice (1-2 mm long).

Method of spread:

Head lice can spread by direct contact with infected people and articles i.e .combs, hairbrushes etc.

Incubation period

( The period between the initial infection and the appearance of symptoms.)
Nits hatch in 7 days from date of contact, reach maturity 8-10 days later.

Communicable period

(The time during which an infectious agent may be transferred directly or indirectly.)
Until all lice's and nits are destroyed or removed from scalp.


Use lice and nit removal shampoos.
Provide information and education in the daycare and school, home etc.

What to do

Treat the case of lice with shampoos.
Remove nits.
Wash clothes and linens in hot water, or dry clean to clothes.
Re-treat within 7-10 days.


Check the hair of your child in routine.
Do not share combs, hair accessories or other head gear.