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Measles is a viral disease, caused by Rubeola virus causing rashes with fever.


Usually fever, inflamed eyes, dry cough, runny nose occurs.
Dusky red blotchy rashes spread down wards from face after 3-7 days.
White spots inside or in mouth.
Blood test help to establish it.

Method of spread

It spread while a healthy person gets in contact with sneezing or coughing patient of measles.
It may also spread by direct contact with nose and throat secretion
It is highly contagious.
Incubation Period (The period between the initial infection and the appearance of symptoms)
7-18 days from exposure to onset of fever.
Usually 14 days until rashes appear.
Communicable period (The time during which an infectious agent may be transferred directly or indirectly. )
From just before the symptoms start to 4 days after the rashes appear.
Control -Avoid from school, day care and non-family contact until 4 days after rashes appears.

What to do

a) Consult to your physician.
b) Control fever with proper medicines.
c) Take lots of fluids.
d) Use dim lights or wear sunglass if eyes are sensitive to light.


a) Vaccine is available consult your doctor.
b) Generally 2 doses of measles vaccine for age 12 months and 18 months are given.