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Nav Arun in Day Care

Food Habits:

Has a good appetite.
Likes to eat stuffed paranthas.
Eats all types of food comfortably.
Has inclination towards salty food.
Has started showing interest in eating.

Physical Developments:

Trying to become independent.
Likes to eat himself.
Loves to play with ball.
Learning to express his toilet need.
Proper development as per his age.

Cognitive Developments:

Good recognition skill.
Can understand everything, but speaks very less.
Can do action on rhymes & can dance by listening songs & moves according to the music.
Recognises parts of the body along with their names.
Has started singing rhymes by listening them.

Social Developments:

Has started forming association with staffs & kids over here.
Has Started participating in group activities.
Enjoys playing with other children.
Has made few friends also.
Gradually trying to come out of his shell.

Behaviour & Personality Traits:

Warmth - Warm, outgoing, but somewhat reserved impersonal & cool.

Reasoning - Appears to be bright.

Emotional Stability - Faces reality calmly, mature, emotionally stable.

Dominance - Somewhat assertive & stubborn.

Liveliness - Somewhat restrained, & silent.

Rule conscious - Not sure

Social Boldness - Somewhat shy & hesitant.

Vigilance - Somewhat oppositional, takes time to accept things.

Sensitivity - Sensitive

Abstractedness - Appears to be somewhat imaginative & absorbed in ideas.

Privateness - Not sure.

Apprehension - Appears to be somewhat apprehensive.

Openness to change - Attached to familiar, somewhat less open.

Self Reliance - Appears to be individualistic, self - sufficient.

Perfectionism - Socially precise, exacting will power.

Tension - Most of the time appears to be relaxed & composed