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Palak in Day Care

Social Developments:

Gradually has become friendly with all kids & day care staffs over her.
Likes to play in group.
Gradually developing better communication skills.
Sometimes also shows attention seeking behaviour.
Feel very happy when we give attention to her & interact with her.
Gradually becoming confident in her appearance, work & interaction.
Gradually learning to express her without hesitation or fear.
Gradually becoming socially active and confident.


At the time of admission there was lot of scope for her academics & was receiving unpleasent grades in school.
At present she has improved and performing satisfactorily.
Gradually she has started taking interest in studies.
Her grades have gone up.

Behaviour & Personality:

Warmth - warm & kindly, but somewhat reserved & impersonal also.

Reasoning - Appears to have somewhat concrete thinking.

Dominance - obedient, humble, accommodating, easily led.

Liveliness - Enthusiastic, but also a bit restrained.

Rule consciousness - Rule conscious, dutiful.

Social Boldness - Shy, somewhat hesitant & threat sensitive.

Sensitivity - tender minded.

Vigilance - Trusting , accepting , unconditional.

Abstractedness - steady , conventional , solution oriented.

Privateness - genuine, unpretentious, involved.

Apprehension - somewhat apprehensive & insecure.

Openness to change - flexible, open.

Self reliance - not sure.

Perfectionism - organised, some somewhat socially precise.

Tension- appears to be patient & composed.