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Quit Smoking

Staying away from cigarette is difficult, but not impossible. Here are some steps which can help you to take control and quit this habit.

Preparing to Quit:

The first step is to set a date. Quitting "cold turkey" is more successful than gradual reduction. Tell family, friends, and coworkers about the plan to quit, and elicit their support.

Review other or past quit attempts.

What worked? What did not work? What contributed to a relapse? Prepare to deal with circumstances / events that trigger smoking e.g. having smokers in the household or workplace and stressful situations. It is important to identify situations or activities that may increase the risk of smoking or a relapse and work towards making lifestyle changes that reduce stress and improve the overall quality of life such as starting an exercise program or learning relaxation techniques.

What does smoking do to you?

In the short term:

It gives you bad breath
Can affect your sports performance
Stains your teeth and makes your skin dry

In the long term:

Increases your chances of Cancer of Lungs, Throat, Food pipe and Pancreas
You are 2-3 times more likely to have a Heart attack
Chronic bronchitis
Peptic ulcer disease
Weak bones - Osteoporosis

Quitting can be followed by intense cravings which can be prevented to some degree by avoiding situations associated with smoking. Keep oral substitutes like sugarless gum, sunflower seeds etc. handy to tide over these periods. Avoid thoughts of picking up a cigarette.
Cultivate an interest instead to keep occupied and deflect cravings.

Suggestions to drop the habit:

A smoking habit can be overcome by determination, will power, appropriate medication and life style changes. Accepted treatments include nicotine replacement therapy in the form of gum or lozenges (nicotine polacrilex), patch (Transdermal system), nasal spray, or inhalers.
Medications like Bupropion taken under supervision can help suppress the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Smoking is a relapsing disorder.

Most smokers make many attempts to quit before they are successful. So regard each quit as a victory. It is possible to drop the habit by being disciplined, using appropriate medication, making changes in lifestyle that eliminate stress, and developing hobbies that enrich your life.

For those of you who smoke and want to quit, make that decision today and give yourself a healthier life.
Wish you all a life full of health and happiness!