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Riddhima in Day Care

Food Habits:

Has developed interest in eating.
Loves to eat by all types of fruits, vegetables, and different dishes, that are being prepared.
Has a good appetite & eats comfortably.

Physical Developments:

Good development of gross & fine motor skills.
Trying to become independent, enjoys & tries to eat herself.
Walks and moves independently & confidently.
Takes interest in playing games.
Enjoys playing with balls.
Enjoys dancing

Cognitive Developments:

Good development in speech and language.
Understands everything and also replies back when something is asked.
Loves to interact with all staffs and kids over here & feels happy when we talk to her.
Shows interest in learning new things.
Enjoys singing rhymes with action, has learned "Ring - a - Ring".
Communicates more with her expressions & gestures than words. Has a very expressive face.
Can tell about her likes & dislikes, also tells when she is hungry & when she wants to go toilet.
Very good recognition skills.

Social Developments:

Very sweet & friendly child.
Gradually forming association with all staffs & kids over here .
Likes to participate in group activities.
Loves to play & dance with all children.

Behaviour & Personality:

Warmth- warm, kindly& participating.

Reasoning - fast learner.

Emotional stability - Adaptive.

Dominance - submissive, obedient, cooperative, at times assertive also.

Liveliness - expressive, lively.

Rule consciousness - Rule conscious

Social Boldness - Somewhat shy

Sensitivity - Sensitive

Vigilance - accepting & trusting

Openness to change - open to change, flexible.

Self Reliance - group oriented, affiliative, a joiner.

Perfectionism - Organised, Self-disciplined.

Tension- appears relaxed & composed.