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Ring worm (fungus)

Ring worm is also known as Tinea. Ring worm is a very infectious and common skin infection causing a ring shaped, red common in children. Ring worm is not caused by worm but it is caused by a fungus that grows on the skip, when ring worm affects the feet, it is known athlete's foot.


Red ring shaped patches of small blisters or scaly skin.
Serve itching

Method of spread

Direct skin - to - skin contact.
Also spread by indirectly or contaminated by infected people or animals.

Incubation period

(The period between the initial infection and the appearance of symptoms.)
10-14 days from date of contact.

Communicable period

(The time during which an infectious agent may be transferred directly or indirectly.)
As long as infection is present.


Avoid contact with infected pet animals like cats, dogs etc.
Wash clothes, linens etc. properly.

Suggested treatment

It is fairly easy to diagnose and treat, but in some cases a small sample of the flaky infected skin to test for fungus.
If you are infected with ringworm, your doctor will recommend an antifungal medication.
But ring worm of the scalp or nails requires oral antifungal medication,doctor will decide which treatment is best for you.


a) Wash affected area daily and keep clean and dry.
b) If you find a red patchy, itchy area, consult to your doctors.
c) Promote good personal hygiene.