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Rubella is also known as German measles. It is a viral disease and being caused by rubella virus.


A slightly raised, red pinpoint rashes.
Rashes spreads from behind the ears to the face and then downwards.
In children have few symptoms but in adults have -
Joint pain
Tiredness ,Runny nose
Inflammation of eyes etc.

Method of spread

It spreads by direct contact with secretion from nose and throat of an infected person.
Spread by coughing and sneezing of infected person.

Incubation period

(the period between the initial infection and the appearance of symptoms) Usually takes 14-23 days from date of contact.

Communicable period

(the time during which an infectious agent may be transferred directly or indirectly) One week before and at least 4 days after appearance of rashes.
Infants with congenital rubella may be infectious for months after birth.


Keep child in home for 7 days after onset of rashes.
Cover mouth with tissues of infected person.

What to do

Control fever with acetaminophen, consult to your doctor.
Blood test done for susceptibility.


Take M.M.R. immunization.
Prevent contact with non-immune pregnant women, especially those in their first 3 months of pregnancy.
Promote good hygiene and careful hand washing.