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Saksham in Day Care

Food Habits:

At the time of admission, the child was on mashed food & milk. Had a dislike for bananas & apples.
At present has developed the habit of chewing and can eat solid food stuffs like chapatti, biscuits, vegetable curries, different variety of pulses, fruits, etc.
Has developed taste for banana and apple.
Has a good appetite.
Shows interest in eating.
Loves to drink milk.

Physical Developments:

Walks independently.
Also able to run.
Has balanced & confident movements.
Good development of gross motor skills.
Physically very active & playful.
Enjoys playing on different rides & with ball.

Cognitive Developments:

Gradual speech & language development.
Responds on name being called.
Understands whatever is being said.
Tries to communicate back when something is asked; either by babbling or using gestures.
Able to follow simple instructions.
Recognises objects & persons, all staffs & kids by their names.

Social Developments:

Has developed strong attachment for all staff & kids over here.
Has adjusted very well in the group.

Behaviour & Personality Traits:

Warmth - Participating, likes people cheerful & jolly, easy going.

Emotional stability - Adaptive, but changeable & emotionally reactive also.

Reasoning - Fast learner.

Dominance - Dominant, assertive, competitive.

Liveliness - Very lively, cheerful, expressive & compulsive.

Rule consciousness - Disregards rule.

Social boldness - Socially bold & uninhibited.

Sensitivity -Sensitive, but somewhat Objective also.

Vigilance - Accepting but at times oppositional.

Abstractedness - not sure

Privateness- not sure

Apprehension - Less apprehensive, unworried, confident.

Openness to change - Appears to be flexible.

Self-Reliance - not sure

Perfectionism - somewhat uncontrolled.

Tension - High energy, impatient, driven.