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Sandeepan in Day Care

Food Habits:

Gradually developing interest in eating.
Has started eating all type of vegetables, dal, rice, chapatti, curries etc.
Eats properly.

Cognitive developments:

Good development of language & Communication skills.
Good recognition skills.

Physical developments:

Able to eat himself properly.
Can tell about his toilet needs.
Good development of gross and fine motor skills.
Very active and playful.
Plays confidently on rides & tricycle.
Proper physical development as per age.

Social developments:

Has formed association with all staffs & kids.
Plays comfortably with all children
Has made new friends.
Has adjusted well in group.

Behaviour & personality Traits:

1. Warmth: warm, kindly, easy going & participating.

2. Reasoning: bright

3. Emotional stability: adaptive & mature.

4. Dominance: obedient, humble, submissive & easily led.

5. Liveliness: lively, cheerful, happy go Lucy.

6. Rule conscious: conforming & rule conscious.

7. Social boldness: somewhat shy

8. Sensitivity: quiet sensitive.

9. Vigilance: easy, unconditional & trusting.

10. Abstractedness: not sure.

11. Privateness: open & unpretentious.

12. Apprehension: somewhat confident and unworried.

13. Openness to change: flexible

14. Self reliance: somewhat affiliative

15. Perfectionism: somewhat flexible and appears to be unexacting

16. Tension: Usually appears relaxed and composed.