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Shaily in Day Care

Physical Developments:

Active & playful.
Good development of gross motor skills.
Walks plays & runs confidently & independently.
Learning to eat herself properly.
Undergoing toilet training.

Social Development:

Has adjusted well in the group.
Loves to play in group with all children.
Participates in group activities.
Friendly with all staffs and kids.

Cognitive Development:

Does action word.
Tries to sing poems & songs.
Can do action on songs.
Gradual development of language & communication skills.
Good recognition of persons & object .
Can express herself in words.
Can speak up small sentences.

Behaviour & Personality Traits:

Warmth - Warm, outgoing easy going.

Emotional stability - Somewhat emotionally stable & adaptive.

Dominance - Obedient, submissive & accommodating.

Liveliness - Expressive, somewhat lively.

Rule consciousness - Non conforming, self-indulgent.

Social Boldness - Shy.

Sensitivity - Sensitive.

Vigilance- Accepting, trusting.

Abstractedness - Grounded steady.

Privateness - Open, genuine, unpretentious.

Apprehension - Confident, unworried.

Openness to change - Open to change, flexible.

Self -Reliance - Somewhat self-sufficient.

Perfectionism - Careless of social rules unexacting.

Tension - Relaxed, composed.