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Shingles is caused by varicella - zoster virus, the same virus that caused chickenpox. Anyone who is had chickenpox may develop shingles.


The main symptoms include
Pain, burning, tingling.
Blister type rashes occurs on one eye or on one side of the neck or face.

Method of spread

Reactivation of chickenpox at nerve site.
Direct contact with fluid from blisters.
It can be spread from a person with active shingles to a healthy person .

Incubation period

(the period between the initial infection and the appearance of symptoms)
Usually 14-21 days from date of contact.

Communicable period

(the time during which an infectious agent may be transferred directly or indirectly)
From 2 days before lesions appear and up to 7 days after.


a) Keep the rashes covered.
b) Do not touch or scratch the rashes.

What to do

See physician for appropriate drug therapy.
Calamine lotion, colloidal oatmeal baths etc. may help to get relief from itching .


Prevent contact with pregnant women or people whose immunity may be reduced due to disease or drug radiation therapy.
Vaccine is available, consult to doctors.