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Tejal in Day Care

Food Habits:

Initially at time of admission she used to have milk & baby food.
Gradually we introduced in her diet things like boiled & mashed fruits& vegetables, soups, khichdi, Dalia, etc.
Has developed good eating habits. Prefers eating all kinds of fruits & vegetables.
Like to try new dishes.
Has a good appetite eats very comfortably.

Physical Developments:

Good development of gross & fine motor skills.
Can eat herself.
Plays independently & confidently on rides and cycle here.
Love to dance on rhymes & songs.
As such, she is an octane child.

Cognitive Development:

Good development in language and communication skills.
Very keen to interact with all.
Understands everything and can answer back, when something is being asked.
Feels very happy when we talk to her.
Able to express her needs properly.
Recites poems with action.

Social Development:

Very friendly with all staff and children once here.
Has formed her own group of friends.
Very enthusiastic & participating.
Loves to play with all.

Behaviour & Personality Traits:

Warmth - Warm, kindly, participating, loves people.

Reasoning - Appears to be bright.

Emotional Stability - Emotionally stable, mature but at times becomes emotionally reactive also.

Dominance - Assertive & competitive, but at the same time she is humble& obedient also.

Liveliness - Lively, enthusiastic, expressive, cheerful.

Rule consciousness - Rule conscious.

Social Boldness - Uninhibited, but a little bit shy also.

Sensitivity - Sensitive, refined.

Vigilance - Trusting, accepting, easy.

Apprehension - Unworried, confident.

Openness to change - Flexible, open to change.

Self-Reliance - Affiliative, a joiner, a follower, group oriented.

Perfectionism - Organised.

Tension - Patient, appears relaxed most of the time.