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Training Discipline

Discipline is the stepping stone for success throughout life. The earlier the kid learns it, the better. After all, discipline is a mindset that requires one to follow a certain way of doing things which has known or predictable consequences. This makes life easy and successful, conserves energy and saves one from disasters, not only for self but also for others affected by it.

The dilemma starts when we want or expect the kids to follow the discipline. When we enforce it with rigidity, the energy filled and adventurous young kid revolts and violates. This prompts most parents to punish, although they condemn punishment but can hardly refrain from it. The other option is to make the kid feel like following the discipline. This can happen when the kid is approached with understanding and love and is made aware of the consequences of following or breaking the discipline. Firm assertion coated with love, understanding, patience and perseverance is the key to ensure that the kid follows the discipline. Making the kid face the consequences on his/her own, of following or breaking the discipline will create awareness and the kid will fall in line. It will soon become a habit. At 360° Kids Day Care, we follow this option and ensure that each kid is disciplined and happy being so.

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