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Vedant in Day Care

Physical Developments:

Good development as per age.
Active & playful.
Enjoys playing basketball.
Good development of gross and fine motor skills.

Social Developments:

Has formed his own play group.
Has made friendship will all kids.
Enjoys playing in group.
Has started Participating in group activities.

Behaviour & Personality Traits:

Warmth - Outgoing, participating, somewhat formal & reserved also.

Reasoning - bright

Emotional Stability - Emotionally stable, adaptive.

Dominance - Obedient.

Liveliness - Somewhat restrained.

Rule consciousness - Rule conscious, conforming, dutiful, rule-bound.

Social Boldness - Somewhat shy & hesitant,

Sensitivity - quiet sensitive

Vigilance - Vigilant

Abstractedness - not sure

Privateness - Appears to be somewhat non- disclosing.

Apprehension - Somewhat apprehensive.

Openness to change- Somewhat attached to familiar.

Self-Reliance - Somewhat self-reliant.

Perfectionism - Perfectionistic, Organised, socially precise.

Tension - Appears to be somewhat tensed.