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Vomiting is expelling of undigested food through the mouth, when stomach stops functioning properly. This is very nomal and in some cases essential too.
If Child well hydrated you can send him to daycare.

Many different things can make children vomit -

If the child eats or drinks too much, vomit the surplus.
Vomiting may occur due to stomach upset often together with diarrhea. It may be due to a viral infection.
If a child gets infection in ears, throat, chest, urine system, the appendix and runs a temperature at the same time causes vomiting.

How should vomiting in children be treated?

After a child has vomited, help them to rinse their mouth with water.
Smaller children who cannot rinse their mouths can have a little water to drink.
A child feels sweaty, cold tired after they have vomited, wipe his face with a damp cloth and let him to take rest.
Always be sure that a child does not become dehydrated. Give them plenty of fluids to drink
An oral rehydration solution, breast feed, water etc.
If the child is thirsty, give them small amount of water using a teaspoon.

How can dehydration be prevented?

If vomiting occurs with or without diarrhea, will result in a loss of fluids, consult with your doctor.
In case of dehydration, give oral rehydration fluids to the child such as electrolyte etc. under the medical supervision.

How can dehydration be prevented?

If in the child has dry diaper or no urination even after 6 to 8 hours. If there are no tears when child is crying.
Check the mouth of the child, if the tongue is not wet, no saliva and no moist lips.
In all above child needs more fluids in diet.

Is vomiting ever serious illness?

If a baby of three to five weeks suddenly begins to vomit in a vomit manner, it may be pyloric stenosis -the narrowing of the muscular outlet of stomach. This baby will feed, vomit and look hungry again, take immediate medical help.
If the child go pale and may pass blood in their stools, contact to your doctors