What Makes 360 Kids the Best Daycare

Daycare Programs for Every Age Group

Best Daycare Intent

To working mothers, as well as to those mothers who are not in a position to provide the ideal nurturing environment for their children due to any reason, 360° Kids Day Care is the perfect answer to their prayers. 360° Kids Day Care is not one of those, run of the mill, centres where children are left to be just taken care in the absence of parents. Unlike many such creches, 360° Kids Day Care is a professional, structured and organized child-centric organization.

We ensure that kids of all age groups from 3 months to 12 years never miss home by seamlessly providing loving parental care. The clean, upscale, odour free and healthy environment that we provide makes the kids happy and comfortable.

  • Age-appropriate, fun-filled, and experiential learning opportunities are provided to the children at 360° Kids Day Care.
  • Nutritious, delicious, fresh & hygienic vegetarian daycare meal is served to children. They are taught healthy meal eating habits and etiquette.
  • The caregivers at 360° Kids Day Care are well trained, warm, courteous, emotionally expressive and responsive. They always act in a positive manner, empowering the children for emotional stability.
  • The staff to child ratio is 1:3, enabling personalized care.
  • Smooth, convenient and efficient daycare transport facility is provided for pick up & drop from home and school in air-conditioned cabs, accompanied by caregivers. The vehicles are well maintained. Drivers and helpers are well trained, warm, courteous and child-friendly.
  • Grooming of children is accomplished under the direct and constant supervision of the expert in child nurturing and development.


Each child needs lots of love and extra special care and our infant care program provides just that for 3 – 18-month-olds. Our dedicated infant room is a comfortable place filled with nurturing surroundings and loving care.

We provide each child one-on-one, small group activities, gentle play and safe exploration. It’s stimulating to the development of young minds without being overwhelming. Each infant’s needs are different, so we have flexible routines for the children under 19 months.

In our day care, there are areas for relaxing, sleep and personal space and the opportunity for outdoor experiences in the fresh air. And so that you don’t miss out on all those little things that happen each day, your child has their own personal learning journal


For a toddler, the world is a magical place, full of constant learning and exploration. When caring for toddlers we help facilitate that adventure along with positive emotional guidance helping them to understand the boundaries of their independence.

We help provide structure to little lives through a consistent routine which includes free play, structured play, group times for music and language, and outdoor experiences.

Our encouraging and nurturing staff is sensitive to the individual needs of each toddler’s social and emotional development. And each child has their own personal learning journal which helps you follow them on their exciting journey of self-discovery. In our daycare, full care is taken to entertain the children and to develop their talent, so that the child can have proper mental and physical development.

Toddler Care

Knowledge of children’s development – In our daycare, granny takes care of children like a mother. We have skilled nannies who take good care of children of all ages. While selecting a nanny, care is taken that how much she can understand the mental level of the child and how she communicates with the child. Wherever children get a loving atmosphere, the child likes to live there. This happiness is effective for the mental and physical development of children.


School going kids have a need for different requirements in terms of infrastructure, environment and meals. We at 360 Kids keep a tab on all requirements to keep a child happy in line with parents expectation.

Studies: Kids do their homework and after school studies and we provide them with supervision when parents asked us for it. We also provide the option of tuition where kids require extra help to improve grade or performance in studies.

Extra-Curricular: Kids have option to join martial art, dance, singing, and other hobby classes, under the coaching of professionals. Kids also enjoy other age-related activities which engage them physically and mentally keeping kids happy and learning.

Studies in Daycare

Carefully Designed Programs for Kids All-Round Development

360° Kids Day Care is the only daycare centre in Delhi where kids are observed for behaviour with the help of well researched and standardized, indigenous Neuro-Linguistic Program. The analysis procedures are the behavioural diagnostic lab and through workshops organised in premises. An accurate assessment is made to identify the hidden personality traits and potential in children, which are often not recognized by even their parents. Appropriate methods are devised to nurture the same for the all-round development of children and make them wholesome students.

Recruitment, training, supervision, facilities and appraisals for staff are fine-tuned to industry standards to make our centre one of the best places to work for. Since the staff deal with bundles of joy on an everyday basis in an enabling and empowering atmosphere, there is hardly any employee turnover. A very transparent, interactive administration is in place. We encourage active participation of all stakeholders including kids, parents, staff and business associates through online and offline platforms. We also look forward to joining hands with local authorities to take the centre forward, fulfilling the promises and expectations to the best of our capacities and serve as a role model in child care.

Constantly upgraded, safety compliant, building & fixtures, transport vehicles, amenities for the kids and staff. Standardized procedures make the everyday experience at the centre, a very pleasant one. Both kids and staff eagerly look forward to it.

Working mothers will find our centre to be the perfect alternative. Similarly, those families where the responsibility of taking care of the kids in the absence of working parents is left to elders who are too old to manage. Maids who are insensitive and ill-equipped or relatives who would not be as committed, also find a safe & perfect haven in 360° Kids Day Care.